Stuff Said 048: Comics Aren’t Real (from Emerald City Comicon 2014)


(contains bits of adult language)



  • Rob Guillory’s website and twitter
  • Klaus Janson on twitter
  • Kazu Kibuishi’s website and twitter
  • Erik Larsen’s website and twitter (as well as episode 30 of this very show)
  • Emerald City Comicon
  • That PUNISHER cover Klaus mentioned:Pun_2
  • Klaus inked Erik on a few issues of THOR; here’s one of the covers:Erik+Klaus_Thor
  • Erik colored an issue of SAVAGE DRAGON using mostly flat color and knock-outs. Here’s a sample page from that issue:SD_Flat
  • Kazu’s AMULET work features simpler, cartoony character work over lush, beautifully rendered backgrounds:Amulet Amulet_2
  • Rob Guillory’s work on CHEW shows distinctly off-kilter character work and backgrounds full of extras:Chew_page Chew_page_2
  • Kazu referenced this page from UNDERSTANDING COMICS by Scott McCLoud (read about his “Big Triangle” theory):UC
  • As it turns out (thanks to listener Reggie, who commented below), Snoopy’s doghouse HAS been shown from different angles! From a Sunday strip from January 31, 19541-31-54and this strip, from December 12, 1958, where Snoopy attempts to sleep on top of the house for the first time: 12-12-58
  • Bizarro Comics
  • Maus
  • Here’s a write-up of the panel at Comic Book Resources
  • Baltimore Comic-Con and the Kids Love Comics pavilion
  • Harvey Awards Ballot
  • What are your favorite not-real aspects in comics? Leave a comment below!
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4 comments on “Stuff Said 048: Comics Aren’t Real (from Emerald City Comicon 2014)
  1. Reggie says:

    Great episode! Regarding the comments on Peanuts, Snoopy’s doghouse was originally shown from a 3/4 view in many of the strips from the 50s. Schulz did show the entrance and the pitch of the roof. There was a stip where Snoopy tried to sleep on the roof peak while it was still shown from that angle. Another Sunday strip showed Snoopy’s doghouse from several different angles.

    • Gregg says:

      Thanks, Reggie, for the compliment and the fact-checking.

      I’ve followed up on that, pulled some examples, and added to the show notes above to correct the record! Thanks again!

  2. Dave Roman says:

    Great conversation! Really glad you recorded it!

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