Stuff Said 058: Erica Henderson





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4 comments on “Stuff Said 058: Erica Henderson
  1. Tony Gallardo says:

    Genuinely enjoying these podcasts Gregg! Such a good interviewer. I just want to say I listen to these at work and it makes my day go by so much easier! Looking forward to more great content!

  2. Greg, Greg, Greg.

    You never question those who don’t worship at the ALTAR OF BUSCEMA & HTDCTMW. You pity, you merely pity..

    • Gregg says:

      But Jay, my entire show is predicated on my asking questions! I gotta ask the questions!

      By asking the questions and fostering understanding we can achieve empathy and perhaps peace on earth in our time. Or, at worst, we hopefully achieved an interesting conversation on a podcast.

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