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Stuff Said 017: Piero Piluso

(contains adult language)



  • Piero Piluso on IMDB.
  • Piero’s father, Mario Piluso’s long list of credits.
  • Caricaturists and Artists mentioned by Piero:
    Steven Brodner
    Sebastian Kruger
    Paul Linsley
    Honore Daumier
  • The Alfy from (top) and Alphie the robot toy (bottom), clearly different things:
  • The other robot toy we talked about, 2-XL.
  • Here’s the CAMP LAZLO short “Lazlo’s First Crush”, for which Piero won his Emmy. I’d embed it here but it’s from some foreign web site and I honestly can’t understand a thing on the site except the Play and Volume controls.
  • BONUS AUDIO: Piero talks about the challenge of working on a Christmas Special (click highlighted words to listen)
  • BONUS AUDIO AND VIDEO!: Back in 2002 Piero created this short cartoon. He talks about it in this clip, and you can watch the short itself here:
  • “(theme for) Stuff Said” by Craig Chin (also on Soundcloud)
  • Additional Music: “She is Staggering” by Polaris, “Godfather Theme” by Slash

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