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Stuff Said 037: “Reverse natural peanut butter psychology” with Jacob Chabot, Chris Giarrusso & Brian “Smitty” Smith





  1. C.Bishop

    Gotta admit: I’m not crazy about the interviews with more than one interviewee. It’s a little too rambling. It’s fun enough to pass the time with, but really nothing of value was gleaned from it. …Of course, I’m that guy that’s listening for solid nuggets about the comic industry, so maybe this opinion should matter very little.

    However, that horrible, horrendous, gawd awful trailer for The FP made it all worth it.

    C. Bishop

    • Gregg

      Hey C. Sorry you didn’t find as many solid nuggets in this installment, but consider this a look at what some of comic book makers are like in our more…relaxed state, which could be an insight all its own. I thought there were some pretty good laugh nuggets, for what that’s worth.

      And while it’s likely there’ll be additional group shows in the future – because they’re fun for us and a nice change of pace – I appreciate the comments! Thanks.

  2. Greg

    Gregg —

    I love these roundtable discussions, especially this group of folks who are obviously good friends. I wouldn’t want a roundtable every time, but the spontaneous jovial nature of a group discussion was exactly what I needed in a Stuff Said now.

    I hope you ask all future guests about their peanut butter and jelly sandwich preferences.


    • Gregg

      Thanks, Greg (is it as oddly unnatural for you to spell my name as it is for me to spell yours?), I’m glad you dug it.

      The group shows certainly aren’t intended as a format change for “Stuff Said”, just a change of pace one or two times a year, kind of like how I’ve done a couple of solo episodes where I tell a story of my own.

      Sadly, there are a couple of episodes where the conversations have been recorded and there was no discussion of peanut butter, jelly, or their combined might in sandwich form…but it could come up in a future conversation, for sure.

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