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Stuff Said 063: Chris Eliopoulos

(contains very mild adult language)



I’m doing this in a different way…I’m recording the show differently, preparing differently, and writing show notes differently. Instead of the bullet list of links and images, etc, I’m talking about the episode, commenting on things said, just getting real stream-of-conscious, or offering corrections.

For example, late in the show when talking about Chris’ wedding anniversary, I used as an example of a memorable date December 6th…yeah, I should have said December 7th, you know, the date that’s to have lived in infamy? Well, clearly not, though the second I heard it I thought, “Well, that was a screw-up.” And then I thought, “In the old days I’d have re-recorded and and corrected it.” And then I thought, “Hey, I can talk about that in the show notes!”

But this is the as-is conversation, unedited and unchanged. I did, after recording, add the theme song and bit of bedding music before the Chris part. This conversation was recorded from about 10:30am-12:30pm on January 12, 2017, using the website I heard about it from Tom Fowler when he told me the guys at the War Rocket Ajax podcast were using it. This was my first experience with it. It’s pretty cool, though I realize I need to use something better than my headset phone microphone, as the sound quality isn’t great and there’s some weird echoing going on. I don’t know if a USB mic is the solution or using my handheld mics and USB interface, though the latter would mean it’d be harder to draw while talking, which also was happening during this conversation; I was penciling a page from a story that will appear in SPONGEBOB COMICS #68 (the cover I got an email about was for the same issue).

The interesting thing about this new way of doing the show is it’s really a much looser conversation than targeted, methodical interview. As a result, I feel like a lot of stuff got left untouched, both in terms of things I thought we might/could talk about, and things that come up that I didn’t pursue further, either because something came up to distract me or because I didn’t think it worth going down that rabbit hole. In this conversation the conversation of kids and comics…it’s a conversation I’ve had a lot, and one for which I have a lot of opinions and truthfully, the whole show could have turned into that conversation. But…I opted to NOT go down than path. Maybe one day I’ll do a show with a panel to talk about that…maybe not. It’s almost too big a conversation. I’m happy to address questions or whatever in the comments below.

Lastly, we talk a bit about online presence…and negative opinions online. I didn’t think of it at the time, but listening back…one could argue that what one person sees as a negative thought, someone else will agree with 100%. Evan Dorkin, whose twitter rants I enjoy a great deal and I agree with a lot, might be considered by someone else as negative. I don’t know…I think it’s a tricky needle to thread attempting to never push a wrong button, and I say that as someone who tries to post positive comments more than “I didn’t like X” or whatever. I do wonder if someone’s all cheerleading and rah-rah-rah, does the value of those affirmations diminish? If someone loves everything, then what’s actually great? I guess same thing if someone hates everything, then what’s good?

There’s some of that stream of consciousness, huh?

I think that’s about for show notes…until I think of something else. Wanna comment? Do it below. Don’t want to make it public? Send an email using the form on this site!

Oh, and because I didn’t do this one face-to-face, I couldn’t take a silhouette photo of my guest, so, for the moment, the image above isn’t the standard face-to-face thing…

…and also, oh, it’s…I should write down my outro stuff…I forgot a bunch of stuff, including plugging the most recent issues of SPONGEBOB COMICS, issues 62 and 63, which feature the two part “Who is Mermaid Girl?” story I wrote, penciled and inked. So…check that out…and pre-order PIX!


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