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Stuff Said 067: Franco



I like talking to Franco, and I think the why of that comes across in this recording, which was a long time coming. But on some level it was maybe good to have had it take this long, if only because now, with my new approach to the show, I think it ends up being a more “natural” conversation than an “proper” interview, if that makes sense.

Of course, with any of these, I walk away thinking we could have/should have talked about x, y or z instead of a, b and c, but listening back, I think we covered a lot of ground and overall you, the listener, will see some different aspects of Franco and what makes him a person in comics with whom I enjoy chatting.

As mentioned, we’ll both be in Baltimore for Baltimore Comic-Con, so come on out and see us and everyone else in the Kids Read Comics pavilion…it’s gonna be a fun weekend.

And buy our books!





  • “Stuff Said Theme” by Craig Chin
  • “Yeh Yeh” by They Might be Giants
  • “Yeah Yeah” by Cyndi Lauper

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