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Stuff Sketched, Episode 1 (Pilot)

While STUFF SAID episodes appear sporadically (at best), here’s a new thing, STUFF SKETCHED!

It’s an idea I’ve had for some time (along with the idea of “Stuff Said-itorials”), to do drawing videos with a commentary track or something.

For the moment, I’m working pretty simply, recording my screen using Quicktime, speeding up the video to keep the total length under 15 minutes, and then recording my audio accompaniment. Missing from the equation is my actual hand, which as someone who watches drawing videos is something I like to see, how the fingers are gripping the pen/pencil/brush/stylus, how an artist moves their wrist or fingers, etc.

I don’t yet have the rig for that kind of video recording (which probably amounts to a boom stand to attach my phone, I realize, but…perhaps in time).

As with all things, I have a lot of ideas of what I COULD do with this show and format…but I’m making no hard and fast commitments. If response merits it, I’ll do more. If there’s a way to monetize (via YouTube or a Patreon) I might do that (donations are always welcome, of course).

That said, if there are specific things you’re interested in seeing me draw…or specific stuff you’d like to hear me say while watching me draw stuff, you can mention those in the comments or sent an email via this site. I’m open to suggestions…and reserve the right to take or not take them as I see fit…and whatever’s next will be next. Thanks.

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