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Stuff Said 001: Chris Giarrusso, Part 1

Stuff Said 001: Chris Giarrusso Part I



  • As mentioned by Chris in this episode, here are my “A-Nuts” comics and Tom Brevoort’s “X-Nuts”, drawn in the spirit of “Marvel characters as Peanuts characters”, which (somewhat) helped jump-start Chris’ Bullpen Bits and Mini Marvels:

  • Chris Giarrusso’s web site:
  • “Stuff Said Theme” by Craig Chin (
  • Other music: “She is Staggering (instrumental)” by Polaris, “Linus & Lucy” by Vince Guaraldi


  1. Scott Honig

    Just so much fun! I agree with Walden Wong — it sounds like listening to my friends sit around and BS about comics. Except I don’t have any friends who sit around and BS about comics.

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