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Stuff Said 003: Jacob Chabot

Stuff Said Episode 003: Jacob Chabot



  • Jacob Chabot’s website
  • Jacob’s “most famous drawing” (though, you need to sign into Facebook for this one…or, if you aren’t on Facebook and don’t want to be, click here and scroll down to the entry labelled October 18, 2007)).
  • You can read the original proposal Jacob and I submitted for Spider-Ham here.
  • Courtesy of Jacob, here are three pages of “Year 2800”, the comic he did with a friend in elementary school:




  • Also courtesy of Jacob, here are three pages from the Spider-Man/Mr. Hype sample pages he did as a Marvel Intern (the visual storytelling chops are clearly there, something I’m sure I must have said at the time):




  • Here’s a link to the Disney “Comic Strip Artist’s Kit” Jacob mentioned during the show.
  • “Stuff Said Theme” by Craig Chin.
  • Other music: “She is Staggering (instrumental)” by Polaris, “Dance with Me” (AKA The Skullboy Anthem) by Stewart


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    • Gregg

      It was OUR good fortune having you as our neighbor at SDCC, Steve.

      Thanks for the kind words!

      (and yes, you ARE on my list of folks to talk to, so…now you know)

      • Steve B

        God only knows why you’d want to talk to me!

        I must say that I was really inspired by you guys at San Diego. I need to start making time to produce my own funny books. Maybe we can talk when I’ve got some new stuff to debut!

        Keep doing what you’re doing, sir…

    • Gregg

      Hey Wilson,

      He did…and I forgot to put those on the show notes (I knew I’d forgotten something).

      But, I’ve gone and added a link in the show notes above to a site (there are a few, actually) where you can check them out.

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