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Stuff Said 010: Brian Smith, Part 1



  • Brian “Smitty” Smith’s web site.
  • Brian and I as Marvel Interns, summer 1996…proof that we were once younger men:
  • A cover image from GALACTUS THE DEVOURER, the “Death of Galactus” book that was one of Brian’s first…hiccups in Marvel editorial (with art-corrected eyes):
  • As discussed, while he was perfectly capable of doing these himself, here are a pair of cover sketches I did for Brian and Bobbie Chase:
  • An early collaboration between Brian and I, a piece of art for the HULK letters page, “Hulk Read”. Pencils by me, inks by Smitty:
  • Brian also did illustrations for BABY’S FIRST DEADPOOL, including this priceless piece of Zzzaxx, which he was kind enough to give me (the kid picking his nose still gets me every time):
  • Brian’s also done work for SPONGEBOB COMICS, including a story he wrote and did layouts for which I cleaned up and penciled “on model”. Here are a couple of pages of that more recent collaboration:
  • “(theme for) Stuff Said” by Craig Chin (also on Soundcloud)
  • Additional Music: “She is Staggering” by Polaris, “Cemetery Polka” by Tom Waits, “Hey Sandy” (the theme to The Adventures of Pete & Pete) by Polaris

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