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Stuff Said 060: Stuff Said Solo – 4th Anniversary & Leaving Marvel



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  • You can get signed and digital copies of my book, PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND, here, and read the first chapter for free here.
  • Listen to my other podcast with Chris Giarrusso, CRUISIN’ TOGETHER
  • My second job drawing comics happened while I was an assistant editor, WHAT IF? #113:WhatIf_113
  • The assistant editor who challenged me to draw a comic or quit, has his own comic now, FILE 13.
  • Here’s that U.S. Census page on median income in 1998.
  • The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
  • Here’s an outdated webpage talking about X-Men Monopoly, with some of my art (Rogue, Marrow, and the “Good Mutant” card)
  • Here’s a piece all about “Fast Lane”.
  • STARFOX’S SWINGIN’ SPRING BREAK SUPER SPECIAL never got past page 6, and you can read the story of why, and see the art that exists, here.
  • Here are my CatDog and SpongeBob sample drawings from December ’99/January ’00 (I’m surprised I got the job!):SB_Original_Samples_small
  • The CAPTAIN AMERICA Hate Monger issue (who’d a’thunk this issue might have “stuff” in it?):cap_hate
  • The CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS cover recreation with one lone swastika removed (the one in the circle on the wall)…why that one? I do not know [click to enlarge]:Cap_ClassicCovers
  • The THOR cover I hired Mike Mignola to do in my last week at Marvel:Thor_Mignola
  • X-BABIES: STARS REBORN, the mini-series I wrote with amazing art by Jacob Chabot (also available as part of Marvel Unlimited)
  • Bullseye, hosted by Jesse Thorn
  • WTF with Marc Maron
  • Stuff Said Theme” by Craig Chin (also on Soundcloud)
  • Other music & audio: “She is Staggering (instrumental)” by Polaris, “Hooray for Captain Spaulding” by Groucho Marx, “Seinfeld Theme” by Jonathan Wolff & audio from the the Seinfeld episode “The Burning”



  1. blipp

    Many thanks for all the hard work and love that went into the podcast… your ‘insider’ perspective of comics creation
    led to some really engaging and enlightening interviews with your guests.

    Best of luck!

    • Gregg

      Thanks, blipp, I appreciate that. Again, ideally I’ll get back to it in time, with while something albeit different-ish, hopefully something still engaging and enlightening!

  2. Russell Smith

    Thank you Gregg for your many hours of wonderful entertainment and insight! Look forward to your return to podcasting, should you choose to do so!

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