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Stuff Said 016: Jay Faerber

(contains adult language)



  • Jay Faerber’s facebook fan page & twitter
  • Image Comics, publisher of Jay’s creator-owned projects (NOBLE CAUSES, DYNAMO 5, and the current series NEAR DEATH)
  • For more on Frank Pittarese listen to his episode of “Stuff Said”.
  • Hear Jamal Igle talk about his experience with VENTURE on his episode of “Stuff Said”
  • WHAT IF? v2 #114, Jay’s first Marvel work and our first collaboration:

  • Sadly, Jay, Devin Grayson and Brian K. Vaughan’s no longer exists, otherwise a link to it would go right here.
  • A sample of a penciled page vs. a final, scripted page, from GENERATION X #51, where my margin notes/suggestions differ from the final script (contrary to my comments on the show, I was suggesting more words where Jay went with a silent panel at the end there):



    • Gregg

      Hi Anne.

      Thanks for the kind words and for listening.

      What browser are you using to view the site/click on the audio? I just checked it on my end it’s working in Safari and Firefox…and I’d like to know if there are indeed any glitches or what might be going on. It should load up in a separate window, for what that’s worth. Or, if you right-click (PC) or CTRL-click (on a Mac), you should get the options to open it in a new tab or even run it through iTunes.

      Worst case scenario, perhaps this direct link will work:

      Let me know. Thanks!


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