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Stuff Said 019: Tom Brevoort



  • Tom Brevoort on Twitter and Formspring.
  • Some samples, courtesy of Tom, of his artwork from his early years:

(“Swish” by 2nd Grade Tom, circa 8 years old)

  • Proof of Tom’s wunderkind-status as an intern, Bob Budiansky’s evaluation letter:
  • Tom in 1990, with Bob Budiansky:
  • As mentioned, Tom worked up turnarounds using Marvel Universe Handbook templates for newer characters (at the time). Here’s his workup of X-Force’s Shatterstar & Cable:
  • Perhaps here’s where Tom was influenced to be a teacher/mentor, here are some documents given to him (and the other interns) in 1989:
  • Tom spent time working on trading cards and then, as an editor, appeared ON a trading card:
  •  The Daily Bugle mini series covers featured a logo placement suggest by me as Tom’s intern:
  • Also as an intern, Tom offered great constructive criticism of this drawing (sadly, the tracing paper corrections Tom did are lost to time – I specifically remember Tom noting how short Angel’s arms were. He was right.):
  • As Tom’s assistant, I collected the following drawings by Tom along the way:

“How2”, the result of some riffing on the M2 line of comics, featuring J2,
descendant of The Juggernaut, who tied a flannel shirt around his waist.

I had been doing a bunch of drawings of Marvel characters a la Peanuts.
Tom joined in on the fun with these.

  • Tom’s recent work, a Hero Initiative charity cover featuring The Hulk (plus sketches):
  • An “episode” of The Marvel Reading Circle:
  • Tom mentioned the “Journey of the Helmet”, which was a serialized “story” I wrote in the THOR letters page while I was Tom’s assistant.
  • Tom has always been active online, including a long run of a blog on Here’s one entry, which (naturally) involved me and my time working with Tom:
  • The long version of the Starfox story I mentioned while discussing the internet and fan reaction.
  • And here’s a shot of Tom from one of his appearances on a Food Network cake challenge show (this particular episode more specifically chronicled here):
    Of course he’s wearing his now signature hat, which he bought at Hats in the Belfry.
  • BONUS VIDEO: The incredibly funny Paul F. Tompkins discussing his experience with Hats in the Belfry:
  • “(theme for) Stuff Said” by Craig Chin (also on Soundcloud)
  • Additional Music: “She is Staggering” by Polaris, “Space Oddity” by David Bowie, “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Randy Newman
  • Thanks to Tom for all the scans and archival material.

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