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Stuff Said 018: Stuff Said Solo – One Year Anniversary & John Buscema



  • A memorable title page from SILVER SURFER #4 (this image from the reprint in my copy of MARVEL’S GREATEST SUPERHERO BATTLES):Note the spine breakage at the top right…the result of regular visits to this page/story.
  • A great site of John Buscema “Lost Art”, including a lot of the type of stuff he’d draw on the backs of pages.
  • John’s alternate cover for AVENGERS FOREVER #4:

  • My mementos of John:

A close-up of the ART, people…get your minds out of the gutter!

  • John’s New York Times obtiuary
  • “(theme for) Stuff Said” by Craig Chin (also on Soundcloud)
  • Additional Music: “She is Staggering” by Polaris, “Prologue & Anvil of Crom” by Basil Poledouris (from the Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack), “Gimme” by Fatcat & Fishface


    • Gregg

      Thanks, Tara.

      I had never considered the sexy angle of John Buscema…fascinating.

      I’m not against doing more or other “Stuff Said Solo” shows, I just need to have a reason (and I don’t want to make them all remembrances of those we’ve lost). But we’ll see. I’m not making any hard and fast declarations on that front.

      (For that matter I’ve considered something called a “STUFF SAIDitorial”, but that might be something that works better in writing)

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