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Stuff Said 030: Erik Larsen


(contains adult language)



  • Erik Larsen on Twitter and
  • More on (the other) Eric Larson, animator and one of Disney’s “Nine Old Men”
  • 1,000 True Fans
  • Erik’s distinctive grip:
  • Courtesy of Erik, a photo from the TV appearance we discussed, where he drew the host as a superhero, on an easel holding the pen in a “traditional” fashion: TV_Larsen
  • An example of Erik-as-troublemaker: The letter Erik wrote to the Comics Buyer’s Guide under the moniker “Name Withheld”.
  • Rob Liefeld’s ad for The Executioners, the “first shot” in the formation of Image Comics:Executioners_Ad
  • Footage from a CNN piece on the formation of Image Comics (with a young Erik Larsen):
  • Graphic Fantasy, where Erik started his long career with The (Savage) Dragon:GraphicFantasy_1
  • An Erik Larsen SAVAGE DRAGON “experiment issue” Checklist:

    #7 – all splash pages
    #30-31 – final page of 30 connects to first page of 31 creating a double-page spread (#31 also features God vs. The Devil)
    #87 – inked with a simple dead line weight
    #104 – comic strip format
    #113 – starts with 20 panels on page one with each new page having one less panel until the final splash page
    #125 – contains “The Fly”, 23 pages of six panels each of the same image, a bandaged Dragon (also includes a Chris Giarrusso “Comic Bits” strip in the same format)
    #144 – one panel = one day, 121 days in a row
    #185 – 10 panels per page
    #187 – six panel grid and flat coloring (no shading) throughout

  • The Savage Dragon Cartoon intro:
  • Dramatic Irony
  • The perspective-issue-laden cover to Action Comics #1 (of particular note, the car, coming slightly forward, is smashing into the rock which is set farther back (based on shadows, the fella on the ground, etc):


  • This is what Larsen drew when talking about Steve Ditko’s approach to Spider-Man’s costume webbing – the switches happen on the shoulder and at the elbow: DitkoWebbings_ByLarsen
  • My fake ad for AVENGERS #1 1/2
  • Erik’s two issues of HULK:

IncredibleHulk_346 Hulk_8

  • “Stuff Said Theme” by Craig Chin (also on Soundcloud)
  • Other music: “She is Staggering (instrumental)” by Polaris, “I Yam What I Yam” by Harry Nilsson, “Blame it on the Bossa Nova” by Eydie Gorme


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  2. Smars

    this was a really great episode.
    erik is so open and honest about everything.
    he was one of the artist i imitated back when he was at marvel, and was the reason i read spider-man.
    later when i was doing submissions to image and he was editor he gave me a ton of really great advice that completely changed how i look at my work. one of the guys working that respect the most.
    that’s a really hard working and dedicated creator.
    hats off to him.

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