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Stuff Said 031: Stuff Said Solo – 2nd Anniversary & How I Broke into Comics




  • Marvel Internships (boy, this process seems to have changed quite dramatically)
  • The DAILY BUGLE mini-series, featuring logo placement as suggested by intern-me:DailyBugle_1
  • An LA Times article discussing the state of comics in the ’90s and “Marvelcution”, massive layoffs at the start of 1996  (so named as it followed on the heels of Marvel’s “Marvelution” plan).
  • As I mentioned, I did a number of submissions; here’s a selection:
    Original X-Men
    Deadpool (the pages that got me my first professional pencilling job)
  • The book, “Dogs”, which I used for reference for the Deadpool samples:Dogs
  • Prior to and including those, I got many a rejection letter; here are some of those:MalibuMarvel_LewieMarvel_BudianskyMarvel_Chase-WatsonMarvel_GruenwaldDarkHorse_01DC_PoznerDC_CarlinBroadwayAcclaim
  • The many, over-explained cover sketches for my first job, WHAT IF? #104:WI_104_Sketches
  • The FedEx box with a label filled out by then intern Chris Giarrusso:FedExBox
  • My first published professional comics work, WHAT IF? #104:WhatIf104
  • Trent Kaniuga’s comic was called CREED.
  • “Stuff Said Theme” by Craig Chin (also on Soundcloud)
  • Other music: “She is Staggering (instrumental)” by Polaris, “Green Light: Now Begin” by Blackalicious, “Tomorrow Never Knows” by The Beatles


  1. Smars

    i love the way you tell a story, with wonderful interwoven tangents of relevance. I do that too. it’s fine, so long as you’re able to come back to the original topic eventually. haha

    i understand that fear of missing out on SDCC
    2002 was the last year i had a table there.
    i haven’t been there since or to a lot of the cons i used to frequent. and i always feel like i’m missing out on something and becoming less relevant in the scene.
    also, i had the same art class experience it’s sad how that kind of thing has been removed from schools now.

    i’m glad that i’m not the only artist out there who kept his rejection letters from all the companies. I still have mine, this episode actually made me go look through some of them and i would get notes like “your work isn’t mainstream enough” and “we don’t know how to market your style.” it’s very interesting to see after all these years. i still hear it from time to time, but less than i used to which means times have changed and so has the art and industry. i got a few positive ones, like the one from erik larsen, but most made me depressed as a 21-27 year old.

    also the book you were trying to think of was Creed.
    i met him back in the day when i first started self publishing.
    around 2001 or 2002 when he was thinking about getting into animation.

    • Gregg

      Oh, I’ve kept all kinds of stuff (maybe it’s the collector mentality), old samples I never finished, lists of names to send samples to…and now I have the show to talk about it and post some of it online.

      I ended up looking up Trent’s comic while I was putting the show notes together, and also thought of other comics that I could have mentioned, like Scud, Mage, Milk & Cheese and Dork…the list can go on.

      Thanks for listening, and for the feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying the show.

  2. Joe Gillespie

    Hey Gregg,
    I checked out your show when I heard you would be interviewing Erik Larsen, great interview btw, and had been really looking forward to your next podcast (this one). Nice job on this episode too, it was interesting to hear your story on breaking into comics. You have a great way of telling stories, it’s very conversationalist…even if it’s only you in the room!

    Your show is on my regular rotation now and I am going to check out some old episodes, any you highly recommend or really enjoyed doing?

    Keep up the good work,

    • Gregg

      Thank you, Joe, and welcome aboard!

      Hard to recommend specific episodes…naturally I’d say listen to them all! But with over 30 hours that could take a while, I know.

      Based on your enjoying Erik’s episode and the monologue show, I suppose I might suggest the Chris Giarrusso and Scott Koblish episodes (back when I broke long talks into two parters), the first solo/anniversary show (ep 18), and…oh, it gets tough. Piero Piluso is really outspoken (though not as much as Erik, maybe), I think my conversation with Dave Roman is a good one. Episode 29 is a change of pace in that it’s a roundtable group show…or, yeah, just start with episode one and listen non-stop for the next day and a half!

      Thanks again, Joe. I’m glad you’ve dug it (so far).

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