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Stuff Said 032: Walden Wong




  • Walden Wong’s website and Deviant Art page.
  • Ghiardelli Chocolates
  • The 3-page Toy Story comic Walden inked over my pencils (done for an April Fool’s issue, hence the glaring/on purpose art/coloring “mistakes”):Pony_01Pony_02Pony_03
  • Walden’s inks over Paul Smith for that JSA trading card where Walden learned brush inking:JSA
  • Early, unpublished Walden inks, over early, unpublished Pete Woods pencils, from an unpublished Longshot story by a then young writer just starting out, Brian K. Vaughan:Longshot_08Longshot_13
  • Academy of Art University San Francisco, where Walden teaches Comic Book Illustration
  • Walden talked about Nausicca Valley of the Wind and his work on it here.
  • Some of Walden’s inking commission work, particularly over Arthur Adams, where Walden does a lot to match the look and style of a finished Adams piece (click to enlarge):Rogue_Adjusted_01Mermaid_Adjusted_01Action_Adj
  • That thing about Justiniano
  • Some of Walden’s inked pages from the aborted/likely-never-to-see-print Wonder Woman original graphic novel (written by Margaret Weis and Lizz Baldwin):WW_GN_17WW_GN_19WW_GN_22
  • “Stuff Said Theme” by Craig Chin (also on Soundcloud)
  • Other music: “She is Staggering (instrumental)” by Polaris, “The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis, Jr., “Milk and Cereal” by G. Love & Special Sauce


  1. Joe Gillespie

    Great stuff here. It’s really interesting hearing about the behind the scenes things within the industry. As someone who really only just reads comics (although I always drew them growing up), I am enjoying your interviews with the various creators throughout the business.

    Also, I just listened to the round table discussion on episode 29. You guys have a great rapport, it’s going to be fun listening to older episodes.

    • Gregg

      Thanks, Joe.

      And yeah, the roundtable show got a lot of positive feedback, so I think we’ll do more of those in the future.

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