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Stuff Said 035: Art Baltazar




  • Art’s web site and twitter
  • Aw Yeah Comics, both a store in Skokie, IL and a comics series
  • Aw Yeah Podcast with Art & Franco
  • I first met Art at Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC, during a signing event. Here’s Art talking about that experience (special appearance by Chris Giarrusso):
    (look for Acmebat in an upcoming issue of AW YEAH COMICS!)
  • Don Martin
  • Sergio Aragonés
  • Art talking about Colombia College experience:
  • Which of these two scenes is the more emotionally crushing/affecting? (jump ahead to 2:30 for the Pinocchio scene):
  • Some of Art’s Warner Brothers licensed publishing work from his time at the “Animated Arts” studio.
  • Gorilla Gorilla
  • A sample of Art’s Herbie (the Love Bug) comics (also, the actor Art mentions from Herbie Fully Loaded is Justin Long)
  • Art & Franco putting on their show in “Convention Mode”:art_and_franco Art_and_Franco_01 Tiny-Titans-small
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, all in suits, even the guy who’s just there to dance:
  • Peacock Theory
  • Here’s the interview I mentioned where Art deftly and tactfully handles an interview while at a convention:
  • The ALA (American Library Association) Conference
  • “Stuff Said Theme” by Craig Chin (also on Soundcloud)
  • Other music: “She is Staggering (instrumental)” by Polaris, “Oh Yeah” by Yello, “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” by Randy Newman


    • Gregg

      Thanks, Jody. I’d love to have Sergio on the show…I guess it comes down to me asking him (and being in the same place, what with my preference for actual face-to-face conversations and all).

      If anyone out there knows Sergio and wants to talk up the show or connect us, please do!

  1. C.Bishop

    Hello, Gregg!
    Hope you don’t mind the first name use- it’s easier to type on the fly. Just wanted to say I listened to the Art B. interview, and man, am I glad you talked to that guy! I’ve only ever seen him and Franco on Comic Vine vids, and I thought they were a little weird. Nice to hear the real guy in this. I was wrong- he’s a lot weird! No, just kidding. I really liked what he had to say quite a bit. Very good stuff. …I listened to the last one too, btw- I just didn’t get around to sending anything (I think). If you ever get out to Las Vegas, look up Jay Bosworth at Maximum Comics. What that guy does with his stores blows my mind, and I’ve seen a lot of stores over my decades of comic buying. He’d be well worth the interview. I apologize if this reads awkwardly. I’ve been up close to 24 hours, and my V8 brain is firing on about 5 cylinders right now. 😉 Gotta get some sleep! Looking forward to the next one!

    • Gregg

      I don’t mind the first name use at all, C., especially since you like the show!

      I was also really glad to talk to Art on mic and show another, different side than folks normally get to see (or hear, in this case). As you heard, he’s a thoughtful, hard-working, charismatic guy who really, really loves his work and his life. Hard to not feel a bit of a boost from that kind of energy, right?

      I’ll keep Jay Bosworth and Maximum Comics in mind should I find Vegas travels in my future. Thanks for the head’s up.

      Now get some sleep. This weekend we all got an extra hour; here’s to you having spent yours in full REM sleep.


      PS: For what it’s worth, an argument could be made that all of us cartoonists are a lot weird, and all in different ways, too.

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